Britain has long had a love affair with coffee, dating back as far as the 17th century. But a nation of coffee addicts means an estimated 3 billion disposable cups are used in the UK each year.

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Due to the fact that most single – use coffee cups are non-recyclable, this staggering amount of waste is going directly into landfill.

Admittedly, thinking about it all can make you feel rather hopeless, but changes such as those being made by supermarkets (Iceland just announced its plan to drop plastic from its own branded products), bars and restaurants (see our current The Last Straw campaign) will have significant positive effects.

Even though it may seem small, a simple switch from cardboard coffee cups to a re=usable one could have a huge impact.

With a colourful variety of reusable drinking vessels available to buy, our high caffeine intake doesn’t need to hurt the environment. Here are seven eco-friendly cups for every type of coffee lover.

Joco 8 Oz Joco Glass Coffee Cup In Red

This robust design is crafted from tough, microwave-safe borosilicate glass – so you don’t need to worry about the taste of your drink being affected when you need to nuke it. The simplicity and the sleekness of the design really caught our eye and we found that, despite being made of glass, it was light and easy to carry. Other features include a splash-proof lid and sturdy rubber grip – both of which held up under testing. Though it’s available in several colourways, the ruby red is certainly the most delicious.