Before setting off on your road trip adventure its a good idea to have a sufficient amount of money in your bank account, as you most likely will not have a steady income until you return home. (Unless you plan to work whilst travelling then this probably isn’t a priority.)

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How much money exactly will determine entirely on how long you plan on staying on the road! We try to save $1,000 AUD per month (each), but usually get away with spending about $600 each per month. Now this will differ from person to person, car to car and country to country but you should always try and save more than you think you will spend just so you can travel comfortably! Theres nothing worse than being stranded thousands of kilometres away from home with a depleting bank account and lack of phone reception.

Now this cost covers everything from food, accomodation, fuel, alcohol (this is a big one) our monthly phone bill (Telstra ain’t cheap, but at least we still get reception), gym memberships, and also those special and rare novelties whilst travelling – like a nice dinner out or a surreal scenic flight!

The greatest expense for us would be fuel which significantly boosts up our monthly total. Travelling up to 5,000km a month (roughly 3,106 Miles) means regular fuel top ups, but luckily for us the van is diesel which is far more efficient and more available in remote areas.

If your motives and plans whilst living on the road are less exploration and more for practical purposes than your costs would decrease substantially. We spend a lot more because we are constantly moving from place to place to experience as much of our country as possible.